Seams between the posts and the horizontal bars were made as unnoticeable as possible, and andiron pairs although handmade were as closely matched as possible. Antique replica andirons are still popular for decorative purposes.Colonial style andirons were simpler made and usually during the early periods made of iron as there was an ample supply in the colonies. Only later did brass and formed feet appear in andirons made in the colonies.

Eventually blacksmiths began to make tongs and shovels to match these handmade andirons.Andirons can be found now to match almost any period from the fifteenth century onward and often fireplace tools can be found to match these highly decorated but practical accessories.

Choosing a set of andirons today involved little more than selecting a period and appearance that appeals and the fire screen and fireplace tools can be coordinated to match this period look. A set of andirons crafted in the 18th century was as valuable then as the antiques are now, in fact a rare wood hand crafted bookcase of the time would have cost about the same as a set of well crafted andirons and been valued by the owner has highly. Andirons were in use later in America, which had a plentiful supply of wood than in Europe.

In Europe people turned from burning expensive wood to burning coal for heat and Andirons fell by they wayside.Today andirons are far more popular in gas log fireplaces than in wood burning fireplaces. With the historical recognition comes a validation and the andiron tends to add to the "real" appearance of the ceramic logs and vented or ventless gas fireplace burner.