You can highlight all of the similar files and tell the program to rename them. It will then sequentially name and number them in order in one shot.Many people like to use a folder name in the title of their files.

So if you have a sales letter folder on your computer, you can change all of the filenames within that folder to begin with the words "sales letter" to make them more easy to spot. They can all be changed instantly with a renamer program. If you change your mind on what you want files to be called later, a good file renamer program will offer a find and replace text function.An extra function to look out for is the ability to take the created or modified dates from the file and include them in the new name, but maybe in a different format.

This is a good way of 'locking in' the date stamp for a file so that even if backup and restore operations ruin the meaning of the file's dates, the name will still hold useful information. You might think that this is unnecessary - but just wait until you've restored thousands of important files and realised critical information about them is now wrong!

No longer is spring cleaning Log Splitter Manufacturers just something you do on your office desk but also on your computer. By using rename programs the spring cleaning and organization process is made much easier and you can go back to making money.